Mississippi’s and the “Personhood” Amendment

I was appalled as well incensed to read about the “personhood” amendment or Initiative 26 that will be voted on in Mississippi next week.  If passed it would change the language of the their state constitution to read that a person will be comprised of “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or functional equivalent thereof”.  Initiative 26 concerns me for several reasons one it’s verbiage is vague and broad, which will no doubt lead to misinterpretations if passed (Which I by the way I hope is not), and therefore lead to it being abused. Two it is a misguided attempt by people, who are extremists in their thinking, to decide what is best for someone else and feel that the have the ordained right to do so.  Three it completely negates the rights a woman to make decisions about her body not the state’s body but her body.  As offended and infuriated as I am I’m really not too surprised that the state of Mississippi would allow an amendment like this to be potentially added to their constitution considering they were one of the states leading the “abstinence only” charge and we see how well that turned out teenagers everywhere have stopped having sex because they wear purity rings and signed a piece of paper (wink, wink)

I believe this initiative is utterly repugnant on another level as well.   In my opinion Mississippi is tied with Alabama when it comes to backward thinking about race relations so it fascinates me that they want to pass a amendment that regards everyone as a person at fertility but then upon their birth go through painstaking efforts to treat them as less than person and take away their value due to their ethnicity or multi-racial heritage.

  I am a firm believer that when people try to in act policies such as initiative 26 they are not doing it because it’s what’s best for society.  They are doing it for purely selfish reasons; they have allowed their ego to manifest itself into a god complex that allows them to feel superior and which gives them the justification they need to impose their belief structure onto others.  People like this never see the big picture because they are too fixated on parts that support their agenda.  They don’t see how they are taking away the choice and voice of women.  They don’t see the thousand of children who age out of the foster case system every year, because no one wanted them or no one could keep them, they chose not to see the growing number of grandparents who are raising grandchildren.   All they chose to see is their own self-serving agenda.  

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