So is this where we are?

So an evangelical pastor David Grishma decided it was in the bounds of his religious belief to go to a Texas mall on Saturday and yell at little kids Santa isn’t real. Christmas is for Jesus so on and so on. What better way to show Christian love to your fellow man then to yell at their kids and ruin their children’s holiday experience? Not to mention probably scaring the kids as well. Because nothing says man of god like being a complete and utter ass. Why was this so called man unable to extend love to those children waiting in line? Continue reading “So is this where we are?”

Really? The Cup Thing Again?

So here we go with the cup thing again. I went to Starbucks today and ordered my usual a Grande Americano with no room for cream or sugar. As I waited in line there was a woman questioning the meaning of the cup. I hadn’t seen the cup yet. I listened to the barista she explained the cup is about unity and the artwork was drawn with one continuous line. The continuous line is meant to represent the fact that we are all connected, which I know for some people out there that is a tough, bitter pill to swallow. Now when I got my cup I saw people of both genders, different ages, and physical characteristics, etc, on the cup and I thought “that’s cool”. Continue reading “Really? The Cup Thing Again?”

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