Really? The Cup Thing Again?

So here we go with the cup thing again. I went to Starbucks today and ordered my usual a Grande Americano with no room for cream or sugar. As I waited in line there was a woman questioning the meaning of the cup. I hadn’t seen the cup yet. I listened to the barista she explained the cup is about unity and the artwork was drawn with one continuous line. The continuous line is meant to represent the fact that we are all connected, which I know for some people out there that is a tough, bitter pill to swallow. Now when I got my cup I saw people of both genders, different ages, and physical characteristics, etc, on the cup and I thought “that’s cool”. And the fact that it’s done with one continuous pen line made it even cooler to me. But for the people out there who have hijacked Starbucks and made it the official drink of their religion. This is a problem. First let me say that is November 1 can we get though the month of November before the coffee chain that millions of us order from everyday gets held hostage for the entire month of December by one religion. Can the cray crays allow my friends who are pumpkin spice worshipers to peacefully enjoy their favorite drink before it’s gone and they have to suffer withdrawals in silence until next year? If you don’t have a twitter account you should get one or have someone with a twitter account take you to Starbuck’s twitter feed so you can read the craziness people have spewed over this cup. A cup. And how angry they are that a massed produced cup, which houses coffee and coffee drinks that can cost well over five dollars a drink does not represent their beliefs. Here’s a thought just a thought if you’re like me and you have not just a Starbuck’s rewards card but the gold reward’s card because you spend that much on coffee made by a barista. Your religion like mine is consumerism and you like me tithed on a regular bases. There are over four thousand religions all over the world and lets not forget Atheists, Agonistics and free thinkers because they are people too. I know there are some who would disagree with me, but the truth is they are people and they have the right to buy Starbucks coffee at such a high rate that it affords them a gold card as well. Just because you don’t follow a religion doesn’t make you any less of a person.

Now let me be very clear about something if putting your religion on a coffee cup meant people would stop denying climate change is real and start supporting change I support your religion being on my coffee cup. I live in an area of the country where it’s November 1 and should have the heat on in the house but instead I’m still running the air and wearing shorts. I would support religion on a cup if it magically gave the people of Flint clean drinking water or it stopped Native Americans from being brutalized at Standing Rock. I would support your religion on my damn coffee cup if it stopped unconscious college women from being raped and their accuser getting a light sentence, or it stopped the school to prison pipe line, or it made people stop dressing up in blackface and thinking it cool, or it stopped colorism, racism, homophobic, sexism, and bigotry. I would support your religion on my mass produced coffee cup if it mean self righteous people would stop blocking a woman’s access to planned parenthood clinics and stopped standing out side of them yelling at the women who enter. But none of these things are going to change by putting your religion or any religion on a Starbucks’s cup. This country has well over ninety-nine problems and your religion not being on a coffee cup isn’t one. Lets face it there are some who say they’re not drinking Starbucks anymore but what are you going to drink the entire month of December while you run from malls to chain stores to box stores back to the malls pushing and shoving, and yelling at sales people to buy those must have gifts to put under your Christmas tree.

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