So is this where we are?

So an evangelical pastor David Grishma decided it was in the bounds of his religious belief to go to a Texas mall on Saturday and yell at little kids Santa isn’t real. Christmas is for Jesus so on and so on. What better way to show Christian love to your fellow man then to yell at their kids and ruin their children’s holiday experience? Not to mention probably scaring the kids as well. Because nothing says man of god like being a complete and utter ass. Why was this so called man unable to extend love to those children waiting in line? What made his version of god so important that he totally disregarded the happiness of children. Why was he unable to respect the wishes of the parents and leave the kids alone? It’s kind of ironic because Christians like him are the first ones screaming about how they need their right to parent and teach their kids their beliefs respected but they never seem to respect other parents.
This incident and several others over the past year have really sent me looking for answers. What is it about large population of church goers (I won’t say all because I’m confident it’s not all but from my experience it is a great number) that makes them feel they have the right to invade a person(s) life and be totally disruptive and disrespectful?
Why do people who act in this manner never hear the voice in their head they call god telling them to love their fellow man, accept their fellow man, get to know their fellow man? Why does the voice in their head never tell them to embrace diversity, and other cultures? Respect others religion? Respect others rights to live their way? Honor women? Honor knowledge? Seek knowledge? Embrace Science?
Why doesn’t their god’s voice tell them not to judge the woman who chooses to have an abortion? The voice never seem to tell them to embrace those women, honor those women’s decision, be a support system for those women, especially the ones who are dealing with rape and incest. Why does their version of god only tell them to devalue those women? I come to a point where I’m tired of people yelling abortion is murder but forgetting about the children who age out of foster care, or who grown up in abject poverty. I’m tired of people trying to pass laws making it harder and harder for women to chose and then the same people complain about welfare, free and reduced lunch programs, housing, etc. Fetuses once born need food, they need clothes, education, shelter, etc. It seem hypercritical and self-serving to only care about the fetus. Why doesn’t that passion for the fetus turn into passion for the child? Why does the god voice only tell people like this to get involved at the beginning? After the fetus in 25 weeks in most states these I’m doing god’s will people are nowhere to be found. Then all the sudden this woman’s pregnancy turns into a private matter they want no part of.
Why do these people never hear the voice of god telling them they don’t get to define marriage and love? The voice never tells them they don’t get to dictate what two consenting adults do in the privacy of a bedroom. Why doesn’t the voice ever tell them to back off and mind their business. Why does the voice want them so invested in marriages that aren’t theirs? Why does the god voice never take the time to explain to them that interracial, interfaith, secular, and homosexual marriages belong to the couple joined in that union, and those marriages don’t impact their heterosexual Christian marriage at all? Why doesn’t the voice ever whisper the importance of respect? Not just respect for others but respect for their spouse. Why is submissiveness, and meekness in a woman always demanded? See my husband doesn’t need me to sit down so he can stand up. He values my opinion even when it differs from his. He honors my strength like I honor his. I don’t have to be weak for him to be strong, and my intelligent is seen as an asset to the marriage.
Why does the god voice in their head only encourage hate, judgment, division, and intolerance? Why do they demand everyone see the world the way they see it and never take the time to see life through another person’s perspective, and then claim I’m doing god’s will? Why do they scream morality and then do immoral things? Such as lie to teen girls and tell them men only want virgins. Well the man I’m married to as well as other men I know and are friends with want a whole women and don’t reduce women to their sexual organs. Notice how these moral people never put the same pressure on young men. Why do they lie to abused women and tell them god will never give you more than you can handle. Really? No one should have to handle being abused and if god wants people married that bad maybe he should step in when abuse is happening and stop it. How come the voice these people call god that calls them to have screaming fits in malls, and Target never calls them to put the same passion into loving their neighbor, the same passion into being a good person, or the same passion into accepting another person’s belief as they do into bitching about a coffee cup or no one saying Merry Christmas. Over twenty religions use December as a special month but only one goes completely crazy if you don’t honor theirs above all

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