The idiot bar has been lowed again

A man in Colorado called the police on a woman he invited over to his house for a date when his girlfriend came home early.  Now I don’t condone cheating but didn’t this idiot have a friend whose apartment he could use for a few hours.  And how did he think calling the police would make things better.   Calling the police is right up there with calling his mom and asking her to come over and help him out. This guy is officially tied with tiger Woods for world’s dumbest cheater.  But as much of an idiot as I think this guy is I also think that this poor soul was probably just another casualty of believing what rappers rhyme about in their music.  He’s probably the guy that rides around with 50 cents P.I.M.P or Ludacris’s Ho’s in different area code blaring out of his prius and thinks he’s a playa because he download a couple of songs from iTunes. Or at least I hope this is the case.

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