Fist Fighting at Red Lobster…. Really?

Just when I think humans, the most advanced species on the planet, can’t go any lower we do.  I really thought we had hit rock bottom with Jersey Shore but apparently not.  In the tri city area where I live in Illinois four women (and I use the term women loosely) attacked a Red Lobster waitress because they didn’t like the service.  What happened to calling the manager over and complaining?  I have had great service in restaurants and I have had not so great service in restaurants.  And I have never attacked nor thought about attacking the wait staff.  What happened at Red Lobster bothers me for several reasons one: unless you are defending yourself there’s no need for an adult to engage in schoolyard fights.  Two: as a black woman, I am tired of seeing black women go into “act a fool mode” just because things aren’t going their way.  Three: the level of pride these women had when they were escorted out of the restaurant was shameful. (I mean heads held high, the one woman who face you can clearly see on the video doesn’t show an ounce of remorse)  I don’t understand how people can debase themselves and not feel embarrassed.  Four: It’s Red Lobster people!!  Now I’m not dogging Red Lobster but when you’ve had Maine Lobster in Maine and seafood fresh out of the Boston Harbor you can easily put a Red Lobster meal in perspective.  Five:  These four women perpetuated at least ten if not more of the negative stereotype that plague black women and for what?  A ten or twelve dollar meal.  Now I can only speak for myself when I say this but I my dignity is work more than a ten or twelve dollars meal.   

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