It is just Hair

To all people but especially to black women it is just hair. As black women we cannot allow of self worth, our intelligence, our contribution to society to be determined by our hair. As black women we are the only race of women where are our can become a topic of national debate. There are work and school regulations implemented around our hair. Our hair is a source of contention, hatred, and ridicule. Whether you are a talented actress like Viola Davis, the First Lady Michelle Obama, or gold medalist Gaby Douglas, Simone Bile’s, or Simone Manuel it seems to be the hair that sends people into an uproar. All of these women and many more not mentioned have cemented their place in American History and to reduce them to a hairstyle seems not only silly and wrong but also disrespectful to their talents and achievements.
As black women we have to love ourselves enough to let go of the self-hate that is attached to our hair. If the big chop isn’t for you then don’t but don’t hate the sister who decides to take it all off. No one requires you to rock your hair natural, but don’t hate the sister who decides chemical relaxers are no longer for her. Be understanding of the black women who will never go relaxer free it’s their choice. If weaves are where you find your muse and style by all means but don’t pass judgment on the women who don’t want another woman’s hair sewn into or glued onto theirs. Some of us find a simply ponytail or a bun is all we need and that’s just fine. And for other dreadlocks and braids is where comfort is found. As a mother I am more concerned with the knowledge that fills my daughters’ heads than the style on top of their heads. I prefer the buns, ponytails, and natural curly look of their hair because they are run track, volunteer, dance, play an instrument, and take advance classes and have to study late. I would much rather see them with their edges not so perfect because they are reaching their goals and expanding their minds. Than to see them sitting well-coiffed and stagnate in their goal achievement. As black women our talents are endless and we can’t allow our hair to stop us from reaching our full potential. Because if any of the women I mentioned above had allowed their hair to come before their talents the world would have missed out on their greatness.

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