Fist Fighting at Red Lobster…. Really?

Just when I think humans, the most advanced species on the planet, can’t go any lower we do.  I really thought we had hit rock bottom with Jersey Shore but apparently not.  In the tri city area where I live in Illinois four women (and I use the term women loosely) attacked a Red Lobster waitress because they didn’t like the service.  What happened to calling the manager over and complaining?  I have had great service in restaurants and I have had not so great service in restaurants.  And I have never attacked nor thought about attacking the wait staff.  What happened at Red Lobster bothers me for several reasons one: unless you are defending yourself there’s no need for an adult to engage in schoolyard fights.  Two: as a black woman, I am tired of seeing black women go into “act a fool mode” just because things aren’t going their way.  Three: the level of pride these women had when they were escorted out of the restaurant was shameful. (I mean heads held high, the one woman who face you can clearly see on the video doesn’t show an ounce of remorse)  I don’t understand how people can debase themselves and not feel embarrassed.  Four: It’s Red Lobster people!!  Now I’m not dogging Red Lobster but when you’ve had Maine Lobster in Maine and seafood fresh out of the Boston Harbor you can easily put a Red Lobster meal in perspective.  Five:  These four women perpetuated at least ten if not more of the negative stereotype that plague black women and for what?  A ten or twelve dollar meal.  Now I can only speak for myself when I say this but I my dignity is work more than a ten or twelve dollars meal.   

Your customer service rep may also be a federal inmate.

While surfing MSNBC new today I came across an interesting news article that talked about how the Federal government uses inmates to staff government agencies call centers and also contracts these inmates out to private companies for their sales, service, and marketing call centers.  This is a double edge sword for me because as thrilled as I am about not have to spend the majority of my customer service call trying to over come language and dialect barriers with someone who is located on the other side of the world.  I’m not exactly thrilled about inmate 12345 having my personal information either.   I mean lets be honest inmate 12345 isn’t doing time in a federal prison because he didn’t pay his parking tickets.  I wonder if Madoff works in one of these call centers.  It’s kind of creepy to know that the next time you call a business’ customer service center you could be handing your name, date of birth, phone number, etc. over to a someone who’s doing time for fraud, identity theft, or worse.  And what’s really crazy about the whole thing is these inmates are doing a job while incarcerate that if or when they are released from federal custody they probably won’t be hired for due to their felony conviction(s).

Stay at home Mom verses Working Mom why are we still debating this?

I really don’t understand why this is still an issue; as a woman, and a mother it bothers me to see women arguing with each other over this silly issue.  And it is a silly issue.  I made a choice to stay home with my kids and it doesn’t make me any less smart, funny, social, creative, etc. than the woman who chose to have kids and work. I got to watch Anderson Copper today and the topic was stay at home mothers verses working mothers and there were two things that really bothered me about the show the first was a study done by “experts” in North Carolina said working mothers were happier than their stay at home counterparts.  The reference to the study lead to a panel of six women passing judgment on each other because some chose to stay home and others worked.  Why do we as women allow ourselves to get caught up in these trivial debates?   Why do we allow others to put us on the defensive about the choices we make as mothers and why are we so quick to judge a mother because she’s raising her children her way and not ours? When the reality is there one isn’t better than the other.  In both groups there are women who are happy, there are women who are sad, there are women who would rather be on the other side of the fence and can’t for what ever reason. 

The second thing that bothered me was the way the working moms kept using the word “lazy “ to describe the stay at home moms and how they are not as concerned about losing the baby weight and staying at home is an excuse to not be active and challenged.  The reason why the term “lazy” bothered me so much is because lazy defined means declines to do work.  And at home moms are not declined to do work but inclined to do work.  I can attest that being lazy is a luxury that I don’t have.  Along with all of the normal duties such as errands, cooking, cleaning, getting the kids odd to school and various activate.  I also take boot camp, run, go to school, and write, I read a lot I care about the way I look, and I am challenged everyday. The objective of motherhood is not to tear down other mothers or judge them for their life choices.  The objective off motherhood to raise healthy, happy, well adjusted, productive members of society.

Because at the end of the day we’re not that different, every one of us has had to clean mystery stains off our walls, floors, and child.  We have all run to the store at the last minute to get the supplies for the project that is due the next day.  We have all walked the floor at two in the morning with a screaming baby.  We’ve all fumed as we cleaned up a crappy toddler.      


What is it about black Friday that makes people lose their minds?

You know if could see if people we fighting for food, water, medicine, etc. like some people do in different parts of the world where resources are limited.  But in the land of plenty where we have the luxury to throw out food because we don’t like it or get rid of clothes because they are out of style I don’t understand how someone pepper spraying a group of people to get an Xbox 360, scuffle with someone over a discounted cellphone, step on someone to get an item, or hold someone up at gunpoint for the items that person just purchased.  I just don’t get it, maybe it’s because there is nothing that my family and I want (key word want because at the end of the day these are all luxury items people are fighting over) that would make me do bodily harm to another living soul, and also possibly end up in jail.  The reality is that people are going to extreme measure to put a gift under the Christmas tree that the person receiving the gift won’t give a damn about by next Christmas if not sooner.   Now granted the woman who pepper sprayed the adults and children in Wal-Mart turned herself in but there is a bigger issue that is getting over looked which is, that woman is either solely or partly in charge of developing the moral compass of the child(s) that the Xbox was bought for.  How is this child(s) suppose to learn how to act and react in society when they are being influenced daily by someone who’s mindset is take what you want at any cost. 

            Look I love watching my kids open their gifts on Christmas Day, I enjoy watching them do their happy dance when they get the gift they really wanted but I have also taken the time to put certain aspects of Christmas shopping in perspective. One: I raise my children to understand that their Christmas list is just that a list, not a guarantee.   Two: I don’t allow myself to spend more than our budget will allow, Three: when I go out shopping I take the attitude of if I don’t get it, I don’t get it because whatever it is the stores will have a shelf full by mid-January.  In the end my children aren’t going to look back on their childhood and remember the sweatshirt or video game that they got for Christmas what they are going to remember is the time we spent together as a family on Christmas day

Mississippi’s and the “Personhood” Amendment

I was appalled as well incensed to read about the “personhood” amendment or Initiative 26 that will be voted on in Mississippi next week.  If passed it would change the language of the their state constitution to read that a person will be comprised of “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or functional equivalent thereof”.  Initiative 26 concerns me for several reasons one it’s verbiage is vague and broad, which will no doubt lead to misinterpretations if passed (Which I by the way I hope is not), and therefore lead to it being abused. Two it is a misguided attempt by people, who are extremists in their thinking, to decide what is best for someone else and feel that the have the ordained right to do so.  Three it completely negates the rights a woman to make decisions about her body not the state’s body but her body.  As offended and infuriated as I am I’m really not too surprised that the state of Mississippi would allow an amendment like this to be potentially added to their constitution considering they were one of the states leading the “abstinence only” charge and we see how well that turned out teenagers everywhere have stopped having sex because they wear purity rings and signed a piece of paper (wink, wink)

I believe this initiative is utterly repugnant on another level as well.   In my opinion Mississippi is tied with Alabama when it comes to backward thinking about race relations so it fascinates me that they want to pass a amendment that regards everyone as a person at fertility but then upon their birth go through painstaking efforts to treat them as less than person and take away their value due to their ethnicity or multi-racial heritage.

  I am a firm believer that when people try to in act policies such as initiative 26 they are not doing it because it’s what’s best for society.  They are doing it for purely selfish reasons; they have allowed their ego to manifest itself into a god complex that allows them to feel superior and which gives them the justification they need to impose their belief structure onto others.  People like this never see the big picture because they are too fixated on parts that support their agenda.  They don’t see how they are taking away the choice and voice of women.  They don’t see the thousand of children who age out of the foster case system every year, because no one wanted them or no one could keep them, they chose not to see the growing number of grandparents who are raising grandchildren.   All they chose to see is their own self-serving agenda.  

The idiot bar has been lowed again

A man in Colorado called the police on a woman he invited over to his house for a date when his girlfriend came home early.  Now I don’t condone cheating but didn’t this idiot have a friend whose apartment he could use for a few hours.  And how did he think calling the police would make things better.   Calling the police is right up there with calling his mom and asking her to come over and help him out. This guy is officially tied with tiger Woods for world’s dumbest cheater.  But as much of an idiot as I think this guy is I also think that this poor soul was probably just another casualty of believing what rappers rhyme about in their music.  He’s probably the guy that rides around with 50 cents P.I.M.P or Ludacris’s Ho’s in different area code blaring out of his prius and thinks he’s a playa because he download a couple of songs from iTunes. Or at least I hope this is the case.

New Adventure

 It’s always a little scary when you decide to take the plunge and follow your heart.  I have decided to study being a writer and I am doing it full time and I want to learn as much as I can about the craft.  This decision has led me to pursue bachelors in writing.  The ability to write is something I have always had but now I want to study how to become better at it.  I must say that so far I love it.  I’ll let you know if I feel that same after writing a play for my portfolio.  I enjoy being in classes with people who share my same passion for writing.  I like reading other people interpretations on the world around them.   As I was looking through my syllabus I noticed that I am going to have to write in styles that I usually avoid.  This concerns me a little because I avoid those styles for a reason.  My goal is that this opens up a world of possibilities for me in my writing career.            

Do Not Attempt

One of my favorite commercials right now is the Allstate commercial where the guy is hanging off the side of a SUV mimicking a blind spot.  While the guy is hanging off the side of the vehicle delivering his monolog on auto insurance and car crashes at the bottom of the screen it says do not attempt.  Really do not attempt, I don’t know what’s worse the fact that the disclaimer is there or the fact that if it wasn’t there some idiot would try it and almost die if not die and then the idiot or his family would sue for millions and properly win.  Why because no one told him not to do it.  It seems like the more advance we become as a society the dumber we become in the common sense department basic inferences about life and day to day living seem to be escaping us.  My almond cookie lotion actually says not intended for internal use on the side of the jar.  My philosophy if you have to be told not to ingest or inset lotion into you body you don’t deserve lotion, you deserve to be ashy.

It’s 2011 almost 2012 and we still have signs up in bathrooms that read employees must wash hands and at gas stations that read don’t smoke while pumping gas.  I have no doubt that one-day we’ll become technologically advanced beyond our wildest imagination but need signs up that say when breathing you must inhale first and exhale second.  Because if we don’t someone will sue, because no one told them to exhale after inhaling and they passed out.

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