Honors Cords in Kindergarten

I admit this post might sound a bit standoffish but the mom in me annoyed right now. I have two kids who recently graduated high school #2 and #3 of five. Both had several honors cords, both took advanced classes and #3 took classes that count towards her college credits. My gripe: my husband showed me a picture of one of his friend’s son who is graduated kindergarten. Cute little boy but as a looked at his graduation picture cap and gown I noticed he had an honors cord. My kids did a lot of work to get into their various honor societies, lots of volunteer hours, late night studying, writing papers, and on and on. So to see a five-year-old with an honor cord because he got the highest score on a test got under my skin a little. I should also mention that I have never been a fan of the cap and gown for kindergarten. Should the child be recognized for achieving high marks absolutely but why honors cords and not a certificate. When I sat at graduation and saw not just my kids but also all of the kids walking with their cords and hoods that was a combination of years of hard work and dedication to educational endeavors. Not one test in kindergarten.

My book

This is a short one. I sat on the fence about positing this one but I decided to. So here we go. My book Grayson was released on Rouge Phoenix Press today. And I am super excited. The book has several themes but the main ones are generational colorism and how it affects a family, a dysfunctional mother daughter relationship and daughter searching for her father. It’s the first book in the series and it has been an amazing experience. My goal is to tell the story from the daughter and the mother’s point of view. There is also a sister who a feel needs a voice as well. Even though I have lived an experience similar to Grayson’s my goal in this project is to make people especially women aware of the damage they can to do their daughter both dark and light skinned when they reduce them to a skin color. Continue reading “My book”

So is this where we are?

So an evangelical pastor David Grishma decided it was in the bounds of his religious belief to go to a Texas mall on Saturday and yell at little kids Santa isn’t real. Christmas is for Jesus so on and so on. What better way to show Christian love to your fellow man then to yell at their kids and ruin their children’s holiday experience? Not to mention probably scaring the kids as well. Because nothing says man of god like being a complete and utter ass. Why was this so called man unable to extend love to those children waiting in line? Continue reading “So is this where we are?”

Really? The Cup Thing Again?

So here we go with the cup thing again. I went to Starbucks today and ordered my usual a Grande Americano with no room for cream or sugar. As I waited in line there was a woman questioning the meaning of the cup. I hadn’t seen the cup yet. I listened to the barista she explained the cup is about unity and the artwork was drawn with one continuous line. The continuous line is meant to represent the fact that we are all connected, which I know for some people out there that is a tough, bitter pill to swallow. Now when I got my cup I saw people of both genders, different ages, and physical characteristics, etc, on the cup and I thought “that’s cool”. Continue reading “Really? The Cup Thing Again?”

For My Own Peace of Mind I Decline

Perspective is a powerful thing, and when you combine perspective with observation and hindsight more often than not there is a level of clarity reached that allows you to live a fuller life. I grew up in my mother’s family, a female dominated family where women run everything and the men who stay have little to no voice. The men who marry in are reduced to the role of moneymaker. I can honestly say I am the only woman in my mother’s family that does not go through my husband’s wallet taking cash or make a mad grab for his check on payday. Continue reading “For My Own Peace of Mind I Decline”

A Vile Word

What is it about the word nigger that it has been able to survive and flourish for generations? It’s like the zombie apocalypse of words, meaning no one knows who patient zero for the use of such a vile word is, it keeps infecting people, and there doesn’t seem to be a cure. It is a word that was used to tell black people to go home when they walked into white schools, stepped on white college campuses, moved into white neighborhoods, or sat at lunch counters. Continue reading “A Vile Word”

The Problem isn’t the Liquor

I was reading an article on the Raw Story today where Stanford University’s answer to Brock Tuner’s disgusting actions is to ban hard liquor on campus. Really Stanford? The problem with Brock Turner’s actions isn’t the party culture on campus, which Brock used as an excuse. The problem is that Brock Turner is a troll. He is one of the worse forms of life. The problem is he was raised by a father who referred to his disgusting acts as 20 minutes of actions and a mother who only thoughts weren’t of how vile his behavior was but over her sadness in not being able to decorate her dream home because of the stress of the trial. Continue reading “The Problem isn’t the Liquor”

It is just Hair

To all people but especially to black women it is just hair. As black women we cannot allow of self worth, our intelligence, our contribution to society to be determined by our hair. As black women we are the only race of women where are our can become a topic of national debate. There are work and school regulations implemented around our hair. Our hair is a source of contention, hatred, and ridicule. Continue reading “It is just Hair”

A Lady with a Lamp

A Lady with a Lamp

The Statue of Liberty is 130 years young. Through the best and worst of times she has stood with confidant and grace. At her feet there is a plaque, which simply says: Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Continue reading “A Lady with a Lamp”

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