The Dark side

I have officially crossed over to the dark side today.  I am no long a PC I am a Mac.  So between the iphone. ipod, ipad, and now the air pro apple officially owns my a$$. I’m pretty sure someone from Apple will be knocking on my door in a few days
to collect my first born as finial payment. The surprising thing is that I don’t have the dirty feeling that I
thought I would have crossing over. LOL What finally pushed me over the edge was being on the phone at 12:30 in the morning with tech support guy that was located across the ocean and having the guy on the phone tell me that he was mispronouncing his words I just didn’t understand how the words are said correctly.  This is not I repeat not something you say to someone who hard drive has just committed suicide and didn’t bother to give any
warning signs before doing so.  I wish I could say that was my only bad experience with a PC and tech support but I can’t.  I have also had the pleasure of dealing with those people who drive around in the black and white beetle (you know the ones) and it was just was nerve racking.  I took my oldest laptop in to these people and explained in a clear manner, using my
inside voice and pronounced all of my words correctly what problem was.  Three weeks later and seventy dollars lighter
they repeated back to me the same thing I told them and they also made no attempt to put together a plan to fix the problem.  It’s because of these people in the black and white beetle that I believe a b!tch slap should not only be legal in this
situation but applauded.   Violence may not have been the answer but it would have made me feel better.  So bye bye PC hello Mac

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