The visionary and the train wreck

I thought it was cool and beautiful that Apple Stores closed during the memorial for Steve Jobs so that the employees could watch it.   In a day and ages where companies are trying to sell as many units as possible it was nice to see people pause for a moment.  But it also started me thinking, when Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson died television programs were interrupted, there were countless gone too soon news reports, countless interviews and other live reports.  There were doctors on television giving their expert opinions,people questioning how could this happen. Funerals were televised programs were sold.  (Which I still feel was in poor taste)  As a nation we did everything but stop time for them.  When Steve Jobs died there wasn’t the same fan fare.  There are no gone too soon reports no doctors on television giving their expert opinion on the cancer that took his life.  As a nation were shocked and moved to tears when two drug addicts over dose but not when a visionary dies.  One of my husband’s co-workers even asked what was the big deal.  Well lets see the big deal is he is one of the main people if not the main person responsible for why we have personal computers in our homes and computers on every desk in the work place.  He is the creator of the ipod which allows you to download the music of a drug addict that was brought up on child sex abuse charges twice and carry it with you where ever you go.  Without him celebrities wouldn’t be able to have their sex tapes “leaked” without their knowledge and viewed on countless desk tops and lap tops.  My lap top weights ounces instead of pounds and our ipads allow us to read books, watch movies, play games,update our face book and leave our laptops at home.  And don’t get me started on the iphone, my data usage proves that I use it for everything but making phone calls.  It bothers me that we live in a society that say what’s the big deal when a visionary dies, and pays homage to our the village idiots and train wrecks and worships them like gods. But more importantly what scares the hell out of me is that we have a generation of kids that would rather grow up to be the next Pauly D or Snooki than the next Steve Jobs.  They would rather be the idiotic shock and awe on cover of Star magazine than the visionary that quietly changes the world.  

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